Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

We had just a fun Easter. The Easter Bunny left Emily a letter and her basket on the doorstep in the morning. She loved looking through and seeing all the fun things she got. The Easter Bunny also left eggs filled with pennies outside for Em to find!
 Emily loved how her dress would twirl. She kept spinning and spinning! We had to pretend that she was Cinderella all day!
We had a fun Easter Egg hunt at Grandmas. All of Emily's eggs had a puzzle piece in them and when she put them together they formed a clue for a special treasure hunt.
 The treasure hunt led her to the biggest Easter Egg ever that was filled with fun toys, books, clothes and an Ariel baby doll.
 Can you tell she is excited?
We had a big dinner with family and ate too much. It was a perfect day and another great memory.

First Pedicure

I took Emily for her very first pedicure. There is a cute salon near our house that has chairs for little kids. She was in HEAVEN and loved all the attention. She is such a girly girl so this was right up her alley. She even made a new friend there. Im sure this is just the beginning!

Las Vegas!

We took a road trip in March to Las Vegas. The girls, my mom, Hilary, Em and I went down on Thursday and then the boys met us down there on Friday.
 On the way down we found a great splash park in St. George to play at. Em loved this and it wore her out just enough she slept the rest of the way to Vegas!
 Doing Yoga!!
 There was even a Carousel at the park, could it get any better?
 Shopped till she dropped.
 Posing with Hello Kitty! Em was so excited.
 Of course we had to stop at the M&M store!
 While the girls went to Vegas for the shopping the boys came for the Monster Trucks!
It was a great little getaway and so nice to be in warmth for a few days. We love Vegas and hope to get back there soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Birthday Party for a Princess

When asked what kind of birthday party she wanted, Emily said she wanted a Zebra, Snow White and Cindrella birthday party. We did our best to grant her wishes!
Emily woke up the day of her birthday to the hallway decorated, she opened presents, ate cake and partied all day. A perfect day for the birthday girl.

We had a few close friends and family over the next day for Em's party. She loved all the decorations and had a great time. It was a wonderful day spent with great people.

Her magical Snow White room, complete with "poison" apples. Thanks to her Aunt Rei for bringing Snow White to life.
The Cinderella room.
Cupcakes, presents, family and friends.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emily

Happy Birthday to our big girl. Emily is officially 3 years old. She is our world and our days would not be compete without her making us laugh. She is very busy, very strong willed and a smart girl. She loves to dance and sing and puts on performances on a regular basis. She loves her family and has many great friends. Its hard to believe that this little baby is growing into such a big girl. She has such a fun personality and really makes everyone laugh. Here is a few of Emily's favorites.

Emily Clare Kaeding
Age: 3
Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Cow
Loves to dance and sing
Favorite movie: anything with Disney Princesses
What she wants to be when she grows up: Cinderella

Take Two!

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Years Eve 2012- A New Beginning

 Emily decorated cupcakes for the big New Years Eve party with Grandma, Pa and Hilary!

 Every half hour Em got to pop a balloon where there was a number inside, she then got to match the number with a toy or book from the basket. She thought this was great, except for the popping of the balloons, she left that for Dad!

We celebrated New Year's Eve at 8:00 for Em, since she had to go to bed! We even had a balloon drop!



The years go by so fast the older you get. Here's hoping 2013 brings great happiness and wonderful memories.

Christmas 2012

It seems like Christmas always comes and goes so quickly. It's a great time of year though. Our little family had so much fun and created a lot of great memories this year.

 Santa brought Emily her Minnie and Mickey babies she had asked him for. She was so excited.

 Riding in style.
 Checking out her stocking (stinky sock!)

Emily loved her Christmas dress and always wants to wear it. She looked so pretty.
We always enjoy spending Christmas with our families and especially Emily.  She has brought so much to our home and everything is more fun with her. Thank you to our families and friends for another wonderful holiday.
Merry Christmas.