Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

We had just a fun Easter. The Easter Bunny left Emily a letter and her basket on the doorstep in the morning. She loved looking through and seeing all the fun things she got. The Easter Bunny also left eggs filled with pennies outside for Em to find!
 Emily loved how her dress would twirl. She kept spinning and spinning! We had to pretend that she was Cinderella all day!
We had a fun Easter Egg hunt at Grandmas. All of Emily's eggs had a puzzle piece in them and when she put them together they formed a clue for a special treasure hunt.
 The treasure hunt led her to the biggest Easter Egg ever that was filled with fun toys, books, clothes and an Ariel baby doll.
 Can you tell she is excited?
We had a big dinner with family and ate too much. It was a perfect day and another great memory.

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